My relative is respected by staff and they are friendly. They are also friendly to me when I visit.

The staff listen to me,they will do what I ask. I like the manager too, I feel that I can talk to her.

A local vicar comes sometimes, my relative really appreciates this.

It's quite comfortable here, everything seems quite homely.








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Welcome to Holly Tree Lodge

About us

Holly Tree Lodge opened as a residential home in 1983 and has since benefited from two purpose built modern extensions, incorporating ten en-suite bedrooms, a new kitchen and dining room. Holly Tree Lodge is a large Victorian house set in pleasant gardens in a quiet Derby suburb.

Hollytree Lodge is owned by Mr K and Mr S Mann and the manager is Miss Kate DiFrancesco. Holly Tree Lodge has amended its registration with The Care Quality Commission, to become a dementia care home providing accommodation and care for older people.

Care is available for people with dementia, male or female, over the age of sixty five who have either been assessed as needing dementia care and who will receive financial assistance through the care management system, or to people with dementia who's family accepts responsibility for the cost.

Holly Tree Lodge is not a dementia nursing home and as such would be in breach of its registration to admit a resident in need of dementia nursing care. Dementia care can best be described as a means of providing a greater degree of support for elderly people than they can retain for themselves due to dementia. Care covers emotional, social, cultural, spiritual and physical needs.

They may have other secondary needs for example:

  • Primary care needs Dementia

  • Confusion

  • Sensory impairment

  • Hospital aftercare

  • Respite care

    “Here at Holly Tree Lodge we provide a homeley, loving and stimulating environment. Treating all the residents with dignity and respect, promoting independence and choice at all times, where chatting and hugs are compulsory”

    Manager Kate