Food is very good and my mum always eats whats given to her. A strong recommendation I I feel.

They come round to brush her hair and do her nails to make sure she looks nice.

'She's fed by the staff as she's started to struggle with food. I asked her to go into the other dining room and she gets assistance now. bjg gjbjg bgfubh








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  • Care Plans

    Every resident has a detailed and comprehensive care plan, which relates specifically to their needs and preferences and how they wish them to be met. A care plan is assembled by gathering information from the local authorities (care management team), residents, residents family, advocate, and G.P.

  • Medication

    Generally medicines are accessed (via Doctor's prescription) by the home and senior care staff will administer them to you at the appropriate times. Should you wish to look after your own medication then any help or advice needed will be given by senior staff.

  • Meals

    Meals are varied and nutritious. There is a four-week rotating lunch menu and a two weekly teatime menu. The cook addresses residents individual likes/dislikes on a daily basis.

  • Breakfast

    A selection of cereals, fruit juice, tea or coffee, toast, or a cooked breakfast.
  • Lunch

    Choice of two main courses and puddings.
  • Tea

    Choice of cooked option or sandwiches/soup.
  • Supper

    Drinks and snacks.
  • Religion/services

    A monthly morning service is held for all denominations, arrangements are made on request for the service of communion.

  • Social activities

    Numerous in house activities and games are available on a regular basis, outside entertainment / singers / armchair aerobics are offered, trips to garden centers and other local places of interest, (occasional outings may incur cost). Summer, autumn and Christmas fairs are held as well as lawn barbecues to which families, friends and local people are invited.

  • Visiting

  • Visitors are always welcome. We welcome the contact between residents and ourselves at all times. Telephone calls to and from relatives bring pleasure to residents if visiting is difficult, we will always assist residents who require assistance with this process. Contact with family and friends are of supreme importance to the well being of residents. We do however ask you to be kind enough not to visit during meal times or very early in the morning or late at night.

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